Horta de Sant Joan

At the foot of the magic mountain

text: Santi Valldepérez
Photo: Guille Barberà

The show lasts half an hour, but the snapshots glistens days and days in the spirit.
The dawn, from the Pilonet, the field of Mercè Carbó Ferràs, a terrace of cereals, almond trees and olive trees, to about 300 metres from Horta de Sant Joan, it is a fascinating show. Quails, chaffinchs and robins gladden the morning. Their singing goes out sweetly to find the tractors that leave the town.
On the bright days, the village lights up, from west to east, first the houses of the ancient Bassa square- the square of the coffee bars- and next the tip of the church. Relentlessly. After some minutes, the light also covers the houses of the low part of the village. A village raised in front of the mountain of Santa Bàrbara. It has to be magical. A large privileged balcony, undoubtedly to see the majesty of the rock, especially with the first rays of light. Coming for the road T-330- the road from Prat de Comte to Arnes- the impressive mountain provokes a shiver. It appears gradually but without excessive hesitation, leaving all its magnificence to the naked eye. The road surrounds the mountain heading to east and comes out at the foot of the village; in la Farinera. Even the arrival at the village becomes a small mystery. Once inside of it, there are some houses of thick walls that have been many centuries. Even so, few people in the streets. And it is because Horta is a village of mountain.

At the foot of the magic mountain

At the foot
of the magic mountain

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