Gastronomy family and nature.

By Cinta Benet
Video: Vlad Pop
Editing: Priscila Alegre, Jaume Martínez
Photo: Andrei Moldovan

The maître receives customers in the car. The service begins. A lively kitchen attracts all the attention when the diners go to try the appetizers. The chefs explain each of the exquisite appetizer while visitors observe the dishes and the rest of the chefs work. This is just the beginning of an intimate and detailed culinary experience in the restaurant with a Michelin Star in Bellvís, La Boscana.

A room at the top of the kitchen in the restaurant of its parents was the trigger for Joel Castanyé’s passion for the cuisine, chef of La Boscana. His house is still now very close to a kitchen, but this time it is his. "Only in the small house we could settle a restaurant and win a Michelin Star", these were the words that Castanyé told the old owner of the farm where La Boscana is today.

Years passed, and dreams come true. A reality that often seems like a dream. A transversal, avant-garde kitchen with influences from El Bulli, by Ferran Adrià, and techniques such as nitrogen, deconstruction and 3D printing. The memories of grandmother's cannelloni, however, are too strong to let them go. That's why traditional dishes also play a prominent role in the three menus of the house: Mum Roser's menu, Castanyé’s brothers menu, and La Boscana menu. The kitchen is the reflection of the land, of the experiences and the tastes.

Understanding, discipline and freedom. These are the characteristics that define the team of La Boscana restaurant. The enthusiasm to carry out a common project is a very important point to Joel Castanyé, who helps the team to give new ideas. The kitchen works like a perfect gear. Dish over the dish cooks make their magic to surprise the diners.

Curious guests who are left lying by the intimate and relaxed atmosphere

offered by the space. The service moves through the tables quickly, silently and personal.The team communicates with a complicity look Only with an eyes movement all the members are able to know what is the next step to follow.

Making the customers feel at home is very important. That is why the tables are surrounded office screens making the experience more private and unique. Stealing the heart to visitors is their goal.

A spoon, a fork and a knife. Three brothers These three elements make the logo of La Boscana. A symbol with forms inspired by three essential pillars of this restaurant: family, gastronomy and nature.

The winery is very important, almost as much as the kitchen. They break with expectations looking for wines that go out of the comfort zone, which thrill with the authenticity of flavors and smells. Wines must have a story, they have told what makes them as they are. An example of this desire for diversity is a bottle of Lebanon that will be joining soon, which is part of a winery that dates from 1930, despite the many wars in that country has remained standing and keeping the production going. The care, accuracy and love for the wines are clear with the two Cartavins prizes they have won.

Nature goes through the glass walls of the restaurant, either during the spring when the flowers look their best colors, as in winter when the snow creates small mountains next to the tables. Iron, wood, glass and ceramics. These are the materials used to build the restaurant. A sustainable eco building where time stops so that the guests enjoy the best gastronomy and landscape pairing.

Restaurant la Boscana


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