Ametlla de Mar

A gastronomic sea

By Roman Aixendri
Video, editing, music: Priscila Alegre
Photo: Andrei Moldovan

There are those who know the way The natural route. Some people understand nature instinctively. It is like the feeling of fellowship with the environment. Chef Marc Miró, of the Restaurant La Llotja in l'Ametlla de Mar, understands the gastronomy as if it were his own. Like a natural gift. This is not a sign of superiority regarding other chefs, but rather a particular sensitivity that links it directly with the dishes that he prepares.

It is a matter of simplicity. No tricks. The chef of the Baix Ebre establishes a dialogue with the product to cook and listens to what the prawns, tunas, octopuses and other crustaceans ask for. In the background, what is sought is to highlight the product, enhance the most natural of foods, avoiding exuberance.

And as in every restaurant there is a main focus that of La Llotja is the bluefin tuna of Balfegó. Seeing Marc Miró working with this fish is an act of sensitivity. Taking care of the natural balance is what is breathed in this restaurant L'Ametlla de Mar. The same balance that makes up the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa Dorada when the waves gently swap the swimmer. Also fresh, because all fish and seafood is purchased every day in the Lonja de l'Ametlla, of course. It could not be otherwise.

Tranquility. Going quickly causes mistakes and both Marc Miró and his

partner, Violant, want things to be slow cooked and simmered that the atmosphere is relaxed and without tensions. In this way they also get the diners feel the same quietnessas the owners, the comfort of feeling like home.

And, above all, it is to avoid transcendence and stridencies. Naturity loves to hide, does not want to become evident, does not stand out. When everything works, we do not realize that everything is in place. Greatness consists in making everything simple without doing too many shows. Not to notice that everything is going well is the precise signal that everything is going as it should. This is the complex task carried out, every day, by the workers of La Llotja.

And as a seed on the land, which is making its own without almost being noticed, that springs like life itself and steals smiles, the purpose of Marc Miró, Violant and his staff is to transport people to a unique place And inviting them to taste a simple gastronomy but nothing simple, complex but nothing complicated, sophisticated without being arrogant.

And is that there is a gastronomic sea dancing to the palate and can be found in La Llotja

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