Restaurant Emporium estrella Michelin

Gastronomic snapshot in Costa Brava

By Roman Aixendri
Photo & Video: Andrei Moldovan
Editing: Priscila Alegre

Snapshot 1: (1955)

Salvador Vidal Ayter serves coffee in a newly opened coffee shop. General shot with Mr. Vidal posing to the camera and smiling with a plate in his hands and the diners looking at him with the face of rogues. The photo has a bit of grain and is black and white, as the memories we have of this era. A good postcard from Castelló d'Empúries for a good start.

Snapshot 2: (1963)

Mr. Vidal makes his business with a 10 rooms hotel. Panoramic view of the village focused on the hotel. The embryo that will end up being Empòrium is slowly brewing. The 60's are tourism promotion especially on the Costa Brava.

Snapshot 3: (1988)

Starting over. Rethink and restructure the entire framework, previously created, to adapt to the new times. It is fashionable pop music of cheerful character and corduroy jackets. Also shoulder pads and risky hairstyles. This is a good time to change course. Aerial photo of the town where you can see the old town highlighting Basilica of Santa Maria façade.

Snapshot 4 (1988, bis)

Elena and Salvador, the third generation of the family business, decide to divide the services of the restaurant and cafeteria from the hotel. Their children, the twins Màrius and Joan, still small, work with their parents while the rest of the children of the town enjoy their summer holidays. Color photo, medium shot. We see the family posing in a casual tone, just as it will become their kitchen.

Snapshots 5, 6 and 7 (years 2000)

Màrius and Joan are definitely part of the family business. They do not want to do anything but help to improve Empòrium's legacy. They know that this is their home and that they can bring the freshness to the restaurant that the new times ask for. Simplicity and naturalness without losing respect for the past that has brought them here. Experience that has passed from generation to generation and is now rethought. This is the natural pairing proposed by the Jordà-Girò family.

The year 2006 the lodging obtains the great distinction of "gastronomic hotel". The added value that they give in the own hotel and the restaurant makes that Empòrium consolidates like place of reference for the tourism in Girona Province. Video with panoramic movement from grandparents to parents and parents to children looking proud at each other by the job well done.

Snapshot 8 (2014)

With the crisis, Empòrium bets on changing dynamics. Offer quality and specialized cuisine. It bets to be distinguished, to try to seduce from the genuine spirit. This sophisticated proposal without forgetting the cuisine of proximity and simplicity leads them to win a Michelin Star in 2014, which will be validated year after year until today. Underwater photo of a starfish in Costa Brava Seas.

The magic is maintained because the style is not lost. The freshness of the sea and a casual proposal awaits anyone who wants to taste dishes that will take us to our childhood; Where everything could become magic and where nothing was transcendent.

Restaurant Emporium estrella Michelin

Restaurant Castello d'Empuries

Restaurant Emporium Costa Brava estrella Michelin

Restaurant Costa Brava Emporium

Restaurant Emporium Girona Costa Brava
Restaurant Emporium Costa Brava estrella Michelin

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