Bernaví Wine Celler

Bernaví: love, wine, homeland

By Roman Aixendri
Photo & Video: Andrei Moldovan
Editing: Priscila Alegre

The tinkling is poetic. Sound of glass hitting sweetly against glass. Spreading sound, lasting for almost a second, connecting the environment with its waves. Sound. Antagonism of loneliness. Spirituality carrying tannins. Sound is experience.

Textures. Roughness and kindness. Hands running across the ground as creatures do. Without fear of getting dirty, connecting with nature. Jumping and running, especially touching. A touch that is an existence demonstration of one himself through the existence of that other self. The touch is God resting on the fingers tips.

Sunlight and sweltering. Naivety and some grateful hardness. Beauty is sunlight shinning shadows whimsically. Stretching on the ground, in the shade, while the clouds run and the sky goes from blue to red, from red to purple and this color to a darkness pierced by stars. The view is the corner where ideas swirl around.

Ca'l Bernet
Bubbles. Rising spheres that oxygenate and fill the nostrils with wild smells. The sense of smell stigmatized in the West during the medieval ages as being considered as inciting low desires, takes center stage thanks to the small pleasures that give us ethereal atoms. Smell is love before it comes.

Notte Bianca
White Night, the taste for small explosions on the tongue and palate. The tide is a tongue thing. One can be wrecked by their own taste buds. Delirium resides in the hurricane that is the mouth. Mouth made to swallow, to kiss, to bite and to let the flavors dance on its knoll. The taste is always a return ticket.

Terra Alta. We show the secret. Marco, Ruth and Gino unfold their senses for their cellar. Bernaví. Poetry made from grape’s blood. Attentive handicraft. Experience within the five senses.As Casasses would say, love is God in a boat. But this idea of love could be added "love is God in a boat sailing in a small ocean of wine grown in Terra Alta."

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