Les Moles Restaurant

A Trompe-l’oeil in Ulldecona

By Roman Aixendri
Foto: Andrei Moldovan
Vídeo and editing: Priscila Alegre

In 1874, Pere Borrell Castro created un trompe-l’oeil called "Avoiding criticism." In it is a boy fleeing from a box. An optical illusion, a trick. Also a game like that Castillo brothers undertook the same year as the Olympics were held in Barcelona.

For the game to became success it has to make little rocks ones out of big ones. It is fun but with preparation, effort and ingenuity. This is how the Restaurant Les Moles was born, built on an old quarry in the municipality of Ulldecona. Play for fun but also to innovate.

Jeroni Castell, was the only one of the three brothers who followed the game, moving from room head waiter to head chef cook due to an illness in high season the restaurant. Fate also likes to play, especially with those people who likes to play. Technic, entertainment and proximity. This triad is the optical illusions chef Ulldecona. It is fun, but with hard work. technique, but as a tool and not as a destination. Technical for searching simplicity and to provide fun at the same time.

And proximity, there is no cheating here, just the desire to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy the best products from Terres de l'Ebre.

Proximity and trompe-l’oeil at once. Because we can find in The Moles pods of the carob mountain but are not otherwise. Delicious chocolate ensure that we are carob pods. Trompe-l'oeil for those who visit the restaurant will have the feeling of being in an old house where the Catalan stone there will have a large presence. But once inside the sparkling textures, smells and flavors subtle playful converted stone wings and lightness will be present.

Rigorous game, though. Wine and champagne also a Restaurant winery which already has more than 50 designations of origin and a menú with more than 500 references selected by Carmen Sauch. And all with the only aim to make the diners enjoy visiting The Moles as creatures of this gastronomic game. Let’s play.

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Estrella Michelin Ulldecona

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Estrella Michelin Ulldecona
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