Nature force

By Roman Aixendri
Video: Vlad Pop
Editing: Priscila Alegre

Before the unfolding of the force of nature, the human being can experience the opposite feelings of fear and fascination, of fullness and absolute impotence. This is why romanticism travels through the hills of the nineteenth century.Goethe, the Humboldt brothers, Friedrich von Von Kleist and a whole series of intellectuals from the Holy Roman-Romanic empire broke away from the rational spirit that gave the starting signal to modernity and embraced irrationalism. Drunken by the power of environments such as the Alps or the Black Forest they sensed the idea of that sublime.

This is the feeling that leads to stroll through the Aigüestortes National Park. One rises to the peak and feels like The traveller staring at a sea of clouds, of the painter Caspar David Friedrich. Strictness, majesty and depths are experienced equally in this park of the Upper Pyrenees flirting with the Lake of Saint Maurice.

Àngel Guimerà, Jacint Verdaguer and Lluís Rigalt, among others, inspired by the romantic spirit, captured the nervous tensions that are lodged in people’s conscience. Also understood that these same tensions are projections a small-scale that reflect the spirit of nature.

Mountains like Montserrat or the same Aigüestortes are an example of places with character to provoke artistic and cultural currents capable of transcending. Granite, slates and calcareous rocks climb to convert this massif, which lies between the regions of Alta Ribagorça,

Pallars Sobirà, Aran Valley and Pallars Jussà, in a living painting that wishes to be climbed and ridden, ridden and cherished . Even a little frightened

Dissociation, trifle and the way to own self. The Catalan Natural Park come to paint in the soul of the traveller these emotions. Seducing him and exposing him to fascinate him even more, if needed. Fast and energetic strokes of cold colors paint this palette of a great cosmic and immanent painter. The ants that are the travellers can come to sense how you feel being in the belly of the Earth itself and what it feels like if it would rear like a wild horse.The romantic painter Turner, in some paintings portrays the victory of the human being over nature. "Rain, steam and speed", for example, carrying a faint hope that makes us forget and until now, if the nature has has won it is because it has allowed us to overcome, but that if it wanted , we would be absorbed

Transported by the romantic spirit, tragic dye, return to reality with the feeling of an inner rebirth. After a walk through this Pyrenean massif and perspired by the excitement I beat a normal rhythm again. Calm after the intensity. Lowland after walking mountain summits kissing clouds. Daily life after the sublime. Walking through Aigüestortes is a kind of personal transcendence. A change that we will have to be tasted.

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