Roberto Escoda. The present of the painter

By Jaume Martínez
Video & editing: Priscila Alegre

To fuse with nature, like the worker bees when they build the wax honeycombs, like the strong north wind when deafening the murmur or raindrops vaporize the essence of the earth.

The pen rests on the paper, a drop of ink slides and an imperceptible movement of the hand draws a small black stripe. The gesture repeats the action one after another, traversing the surface with the cadence of an extended time.

Black and white, black and white are tracing the forms of memory, knots, hollows, folds and sinuous bumps make up the olive tree that for so many years has been blurring, because with each work Roberto Escoda is stripping the landscape to isolate the trunk and goes Discoloring the barks to reduce them to a single tone.

As bees mold the wax to form the honeycomb cells, the Chinese ink spreads through the paper, molding the wrinkles of each drawing, deafening the murmur and vaporizing the essence, merging with nature in black and white.

Roberto Escoda. the present of the painter

Roberto Escoda. El present del pintor
Museu d'Art Modern de Tarragona
De l'11 de maig al 2 de juliol de 2017

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