A wine that started everything

By Roman Aixendri
Video: Andrei Moldovan
Editing: Priscila Alegre

It is about following the internal compass. Difficult moments and solitude will appear. It's not about going against the current. It is following the current itself. Maybe when everyone walks, you'll stop and decide to stay. If you do it will be because you feel it. A call, a sweet and persistent appeal.

In Poboleda, population bathed by the river Siurana, we find this appeal. The Priorat population, surrounded by carenas and ravines, has seen its population diminishing, in search of a better life in the big cities. Large cities that imitate bee hives, but concrete.

Luckily, not everyone leaved. There were people who felt the call to stay, the call of the earth. To love it, to understand it and to continue to learn from it in order to live a relaxed rhythm.

The same vocation was the one that led to the owners of Mas Sinén, from the Bodega Burgos - Porta, to work the vineyard in an ecological way when nobody else was yet. Salvador Burgos read the needs of his strains and the land that fed them. He read the rhythm marked by the compass of the watchful eye

and the respectful treatment. From their vocation they leave each year ecological wines of breeding.

It is to follow, not only the vocation, but to do it with energy and fascination. Without resignation. With a "yes to the road I want to follow" shout. The same strength and vitality permeates the hectares of the farm, its vineyards and its climatology. Strains in their fifties that seem to dance with the horizon. They express desire for wine.

Intensity, ideals and also method. In the Bodega Burgos - Porta de Mas Sinén we work handmade without leaving aside those leading technologies that facilitate the work maintaining a high level of product quality.

The sips of wine from the Mas Sinén vintages and from the vintage Petit Mas Sinén will make us feel the vocation, determination and intensity of those who let themselves be carried away by their instinct and naturalness. However, caution must be exercised. You run the risk of being wildly captivated.

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