Natural biking route

By Roman Aixendri
Video: Andrei Moldovan
Editing: Priscila Alegre

The bicycle is a vehicle that gives off a wake of Renaissance wherever it goes. Not because Leonardo da Vinci designed it, but because a few years ago the bicycle touring has become an increasingly widespread practice. With the motor vehicles, lost power during the second half of the 20th century, has returned for a few years to reclaim its space.

Alfred Jarry, at the beginning of the 20th century, already wrote about the importance of cycling. In an ironic tone he preached the need for industrialized human speed. And this animal traction vehicle was a step ahead of walking. Then the cars would arrive, even faster. Speed prevailed and the world became smaller and smaller. Distances were shortened. The slowness was beginning to look bad.

A century later, the acceleration of daily life and the excess of cars are such, that it seems more and more necessary a return to the bicycle. Animal traction provides enough speed and a need to enjoy the landscape. This is a vehicle that allows us to stop and expose ourselves

to the environment. That keeps communicated to those equals that are in the different bike routes and that are being consolidated all over the world.

Pirinexus makes clear the worldwide commitment to cycling as a meaning of rhythmic and experiential transportation. Pirinexus is a circular route that connects the south of France with Girona. Pedaling is necessary to escape vertigo. And now we have a good chance in Catalonia to return to the ideals of the master Da Vinci. More than 350 kilometers fully prepared for the idle enjoyment of the one who likes to transport himself. Centrifugal force that impels us time and again to discover cadences of pedaling that take us by almost impossible places.

Voló, Palafrugell, Olot, Arles and a whole series of villages will offer us services and accommodations specialized and suitable to satisfy the traveling cyclists. Roads that will be made when pedaling and that will leave behind hundreds of stories on wheels.

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