A haiku taste

Per Roman Aixendri
Video: Andrei Moldovan
Editing: Priscila Alegre

Calm, slowness and a haiku flying over this cold month dedicated to Janus God.

Wind without sadness,
sweet boat sounds
you bringing sushi.

The winter has the ability to educate in serenity. Nothing and no one is fast enough to bend this season and invite you to rest. Winter is educational and nostalgic. The gathered glance that examines previous times, the memory, the counting of a passed life. Is the time, slowing down. A time more than necessary in our era, unstoppable.

Whiteness, crystal clear textures and a disoriented assonant rhyme. One who builds a new way to be, to become someone else. Cold which erases the footprints and encourages wolves and bears to go out and play, the writer to write and the chef to rethink. A roar like this I guess released the new Ferran Adrià path had prepared to the El Bulli Restaurant, at its time. Spheres and deconstruction; play to be a child to discover new ways to explore and taste.

There are fairies, mothers Noëls,
there is satyrs, and Republican Princes
The creature smiles
and the world is to turn

Time and distance. Albert Raurich, disciple of the master Adrià. But also the winter came to him, as its founder, and both decided it was the right time to start climbing new horizons, to dance new gastronomic melodies. Winter took him to walk next to him, in the final stretch of El Bulli to take a leap into the “Dos Palillos”, a restaurant located in Barcelona that smells of haiku, of sake, of Lotus Flower exploiting in a overgrown spring.

Gastronomy stokes... Transcendent as the heart of an almond. Albert Raurich slows down and sails the seas and oceans in hunting for non-Mediterranean styles of cooking.

I've seen its glanceits soul
its cadences.
I've seen it in the plate.
Rice, salmon,
Everything was beating
as only chef knows how to make it beat.
Then I suffered the Stendhal syndrome
and has not been any painting
The guilty one
has been an Oyster with sake...
and this wintertide winter.

And when everything goes in the wind in their sails, it's certain that Albert Raurich, Captain of the Dos Palillos ship, he will wonder, wintertide mode, to his crew: now that we know that this route is safe, why don't we try changing our path? And we will smile, pleased with this proposal.

Restaurante Dos Palillos Barcelona dos estrellas michelin

Albert Raurich Restaurant Dos Palillos Barcelona

Restaurant Dos Palillos

Restaurante Dos Palillos en Barcelona

Restaurante Dos Palillos en Barcelona Albert Raurich

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