by Jaume Martínez
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Cooking could be one of the algorithms we use in our daily lives. As getting dressed in the morning, make-up, drive the car to go to work or write a mail on our computer. Always function as a sequence in time quantized, that is, step by step, and every step would be precisely executed following a well precise guidelines, because there would be the same make an omelette and fry the egg before the potatoes, that algorithm , just in case, we could serve to make some scrambled eggs.

Cook in the restaurant Disfrutar of Barcelona would be an algorithm, and one of the complex, because in this case, the end point of this would be the preparation and service of two tasting menus, menu dishes Disfrutar eighteen and twenty menu dishes Festival. Every menu would be drawn from its own algorithm, its own sequence of culinary techniques applied to all kinds of products of all kinds of backgrounds.Also would a variable that would be a team of thirty people and restaurant with different spaces, a bar at the entrance, a small dining room, an open kitchen with a corridor that would cross and where it would accede to the main dining room and terrace.

But the three main variables of this algorithm would be three former chefs of El Bulli, Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas, who for years have worked with Ferran Adrià creating new sequences, developing ways to process complex products,

updating ancient techniques or rediscovering new foods. A method that later would continue developing on their own projects, first in the restaurant Compartir in Cadaques and later on Disfrutar.

Equally important in the Disfrutar algorithm would be the time in the sequence would develop, in each of its steps as a whole around. It would begin at nine o'clock, peeling asparagus, cleaned anchovies, reeling cauliflowers, spherificating creams or gelling broths, in leisurely and lengthy time, as the raw material would demand. Also they prepare the desserts in the bar at the entrance, and mounting up foams doing illusions of chocolate. At 12:30 we would proceed to prepare the service. The times will shorten and lighten until one-thirty would be when customers begin to arrive. From this moment would not stop accelerating sequences and increasingly periods would be shorter. Twenty-six eighty diners dishes for six, seven or eight ingredients multiplied by two, three or four working every dish, to see him live would be a spectacle.

All these elements need, however, a time of reflection and prior development time and dedication that go beyond a service or a day, a willingness to do things and a way of making them beyond the Kitchen beyond gastronomy. Enjoy the restaurant algorithm would be a combination of method and dedication, and time sequence.

Restaurante Disfrutar Barcelona
Villarroel, 163
Tel. +34 93 348 68 96

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