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Delta del Ebre
Text: Santi Valldeperez
Foto:Guille Barberà & Vlad Pop
Video: Vlad Pop

"That Citröen 2CV avoids the holes of the road… it was an unpaved road, but my mother knew it perfectly”. Of all the childhood memories, Juan Trias del Romero chooses the most visual one.

From Casa Cusa, one of the two rural accommodations that manages the company El Plantar, it’s easy to imagine the difficulties of those journeys towards the fields, journeys along the dusty roads of the bank, about which nowadays we find the good roads and ways of Delta. Four poplars are in the fields where Casa Cusa is. The plot that allows entering to the house is at the foot of the way goes towards Serrallo beach, one of the most important in Delta.

Half a century later of those heroic journeys, Juan Trias del Romero, descendant of one of the most historical families of Delta, has the answer when he has to value the aspects which have improved in the territory: “ the rice has become more technical”, he says. The architecture of Casa Cusa goes nice with the surroundings. Without any doubt, we can open the windows of Casa Cusa in the morning and hear the cheep of the birds which are in the rice fields where in some months the harvest will start and it will be

an unforgettable experience. In any case, under the flight of the sterns and the purple herons, the country house, the poplars, the huts, the ditches and the restored and austere way has a dream and soft tone. If we close our eyes we can hear the carriages with the day laborers came by train from Valencia and Andalucía to for the growing and the sowing.

A kilometer further, towards Sant Jaume d’Enveja, the familiar country house nowadays is still the centre of the company El Plantar. A half century before, surrounding it, there were a lot of huts. The laborers’ children studied in the same country house. Nowadays, the country house Illa de Riu keeps its entire splendor. It has become a rural accommodation (for 15 persons). From the warehouses of the house the job of the tractors and workers is organized. The main activity of the company that Juan Trias del Romero manages is the rice production, in a process that goes from the production of the certified seeds to the sowing, the harvest and the drying of cereal. And due to a business agreement, the rice is produced in the sections of the Cambra Arrossera del Montsià in Amposta.

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At few kilometers of Sant Jaume d’Enveja, Illa de Riu is one of the rice farms of Delta de l’Ebre.

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The secret of Illa del Riu is simple and complex at the same time. The nature enters without any shrillness among plants cared in detail.

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