Ruta Ilercavònia

Crononauta crossing the Matarrranya,
Morella and Terrra Alta
Text: Roman Aixendri
Video: Vlad Pop

After a travel in time, the spaceship needs rest. But the astronaut too, I can assure that. It is captivating to configure some coordinates to jump and be in a past period. But this experience is also too boring. I take out my space suit, let me breath for a second, please. Only a second, the tempos are very important to get used to it, it is also to optimize the results.

XYZ900A.C/20.35h span up and down and the adrenalin will begin to be separated, the mouth will salivate, the hair on end. When I push the button then there won't go back on your word. Sorry for the oxymoron. Inside, these four walls, the life will be spent in a moment; outside it will be also very fast. My thoughts are synchronized with the reality and... Crack, clock, moc, aaai!
The stop has been a little forced. Sorry but I am a little tired. I need to arrange my words,

put them in the correct place in order to be comprehensible. I ask for you enjoy the majesty of the landscape while I get over a shock.

I think it's ready. Well, yes. I'm still a little disoriented but I start to walk right. It's not easy to rewind in time. It's not only to push the button. You have to open your mind to see, think and feel the things in another way. I would like we looked it so, trying to be in those visitors’ mind. In this case I think it's about Ilercavons.

Look up! Who could say it! They lived in the mountains. Well, if you let me the expression I will rectify to say they live because if we have gone back almost three thousand years it's not to kill them but to listen to their voices and to hear their messages. They are people of height like the monks. A whole society to live at hundreds meters about the sea level.

Visita al poblat íber de Sant Antoni a Calaceit, Matarranya, i dinar amb temàtica íbera.


Andreu Carranza

LOur army looked unstoppable. They occupied the towns of Maestrat, Ebre and Matarranya and also some part of the seaside. But they always failed in the occupation of Gandesa, a town which seemed damned. In Terra Alta, there were a lot of towns that they were in favor of the King Charles V, but Gandesa, which was the most important town of this region and it was settled between the roads of Aragó, Catalonia and Valencia, was in favor of Elizabeth II since the beginning of the civil war.
During that year, we tried to conquer the town I some occasions but without any success. The artillery of Cantavella was rehearsed, but it was retreated by faulty. The Purroy baroness, Lluïsa Dara, who was in Gandesa,

committed in soul and fortune on the Regent Maria Cristina’s defense, she ordered to hang a goat from the bell tower of the city and she sent a message which said this:

The Purroy baroness
Swears to the goat
That it will never enter into Gandesa.
And then I wrote her:
If the goat
Is able to get Gandesa
Ay, Ay! The baroness.

Andreu Carranza i Font, The winter of the tiger
Editorial Planeta, p.305.

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