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Until the terrace of Poble Vell a solemn climb is imposed, across Doctor Ferran street. One of the informative panels edited by the COMEBE (memorial consortium of the Battle of Ebre), remembers that the doctor Jaume Ferran I Clua, distinguished son of the village, was decisive in the scientific advances of the vaccine against the rage. People can also go to the terrace of the Old Church of Poble Vell going across Raval street which leads to a beautiful square presided by a sculpture that remembers the union with the French town of Rimont. A big capital letter that braces one of the façades makes of symbolic tunnel. The porch undoubtedly invites to enter into Poble Vell, but not in vain.

The toll is very simple. It will be necessary to stop, watch and feel…and even if it’s not wanted, to think. These are the rules of an artistic game that takes as a board all Poble Vell of Corbera. It’s the alphabet of freedom, cooperative work promoted by the artist Jesús Pedrola. The work, made between 1995 and 97, condenses the creativity of a glorious group of painters, plastic artists, poets, historians and scholars. Paco Candel or Josep Maria Ainaud de Lusarte generously left their traces. “The alphabet of the freedom wanted to be a civil public monument”, reflects Jesús Pedrola. “What is more beautiful than the letters, the words, the dialog, to go with the experience of discovering Poble Vell?

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