Sant Carles de la Rapita

Beautiful and Discrete

Text: Santi Valldepérez
Photo: Guille Barberà

Traffic lights accelerates the passage of minutes, the boats embark in a row India out of the bay. The atmosphere becomes clear as the sun rises. Suddenly people emerging open at the foot of the mountain, past the March The Trabucador emerges solemn fragile between the horizon and the town. The only way to beat the cold seems to be precisely concentrate on the beauty of outline elements that make up the whole view: the shoulder, the elliptical shape of the bay, uncultivated paddy, Poblenou Delta hamlet-and-Pond Encanyissada.
The hill from which we witness a glorious morning is a privileged vantage understand why this seaside town loved monarch, Charles III, who wanted St. Petersburg became the Mediterranean. Discrete and pretty Ràpita is the city's literary Terres de l'Ebre. Not surprisingly, "the Chicago "was the home of Juan Sebastian Arbó, the narrator of the colonization of the Delta. the streets of this seaside neighborhood exude authenticity of serrallos more Mediterranean. Ajaccio Corfu, Cagliari Catania, all identities are concentrated in Mediterranean a grid of streets great for wandering

Fishing port of Sant Carles de la Rapita.

sant carlos de la rapira

Fishing boat

Fishing port of Sant Carles de la Rapita.

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